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HomeTel offers unlimited high-speed Internet Service in St. Jacob and the surrounding area. Not sure what speed you need? Click here to compare speeds.

We are currently upgrading the network to fiber optic technology which will enable us to offer Gigabit Internet speeds. To find out if fiber is available where you live, check out our service availability tool or call the HomeTel office.

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HomeTel Internet service requires active voice service.  For the best deal, get a HomeTel bundle.


Up to 10Mb down

Ideal for browsing the Internet with two or three devices connected and streaming on a single device.



Up to 30Mb down

Great for streaming and simultaneous use of multiple devices.



Up to 100Mb down

Ideal for the connected family streaming on more than 8 devices and simultaneous use of multiple devices.



Up to 200Mb down

Meets all of your online needs


Small Business

1 computer

Up to 50Mb down


Standard Business

*Includes 1 Public IP Address

Up to 100Mb down


Premier Business

*Includes 1 Public IP Address

Up to 200Mb down


Wireless GigaCenter

Professional Installation $49.95

Using the latest 802.11ac 5 GHz band, the GigaCenter enables faster speed and larger Wi-Fi range in your home


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Check the speed of your Internet connection.


Check your Speed

Requires Adobe Flash Player. For tablets and mobile devices, download the Mobile Speed Test by Ookla in the App Store to test the speed of your Internet connection.

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Note: Using multiple devices simultaneously will divide your bandwidth and affect speeds per device.