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HomeTel has all the channels you want, plus great services like Whole Home DVR and TiVo DVR. To view channels available in each package, click here.

Our Expanded Digital Cable TV package includes 89 channels plus HD.

Service includes 2 HD DTAs.

Our Digital Plus Cable TV package includes 180 channels.

*Includes Expanded Digital Cable TV package and 2 HD DTAs.

Our Ultimate TV package includes 247 channels plus HD

*Includes Expanded Digital and Digital Plus Cable TV packages.

HD Only Channels not available in Standard Definition format.

Cinemax $10.95

HBO $19.95

Showtime/The Movie Channel $15.95

Starz!/Encore $15.95

HBO/Cinemax $27.95

HBO/Showtime/The Movie Channel $27.95

HBO/Starz!/Encore $27.95

Starz!/Encore/Showtime/The Movie Channel $24.95

Cable TV Equipment

Two HD DTAs are included with your service.

Dual-tuner DVR with 500GB hard drive

Record 70 hours HD programming or up to 600 hours SD programming.

*Requires Digital Plus service

Access your recordings on your other TVs with Whole Home DVR.

Access recordings on Whole Home DVR.

Maximum of two add-on set-tops with Whole Home DVR.

Record up to 6 shows at once.  Remote access using TiVo app.

$75 Installation Fee

The TiVo Mini allows you to watch and control recordings on your TiVo DVR.  Each mini uses a tuner from the TiVo DVR and can limit the number of simultaneous recordings.

Maximum of 4 Minis with Six-Tuner TiVo.

The TiVo Preview allows you to watch and control recordings on your TiVo DVR.  The TiVo Preview uses its own tuner, giving you the maximum simultaneous recording capacity on the TiVo DVR.

Cable Television package prices do not include applicable taxes, franchise fees, broadcast or equipment fees.