Get the speed you need!

Get the Internet speed you need to power all of the devices in your home!

Think of all the devices that rely on your Internet connection – smart phones, tablets, computers, smart TVs, Amazon Fire TV, Roku boxes, security systems, thermostats and more!  If you haven’t upgraded the speed of your Internet service recently, but have increased the number of devices sharing the connection, you may experience frustration with the speed at which those devices are able to download or upload content.

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  • Try 30Mb, 50Mb or even 200Mb Internet for 60 days and pay the same amount you pay now!
  • After the 60-day trial, we will roll you back to your subscribed speed unless you tell us not to.

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Once you know what Internet speed will serve you best, find out what speeds are available at your address using HomeTel’s Service Availability tool.

*200Mb speed available with HomeTel Fiber service.  Call the HomeTel office for full offer details.