HomeTel Fiber

HT_2016_Fiberlabel-01The Most Advanced Internet Available!

HomeTel is in the process of replacing its existing infrastructure with a 100% fiber optic network. Once complete, we will be able to offer fiber-to-the-home service to the majority of businesses and homes in our serving area.  With fiber service from HomeTel, you will get a direct fiber connection to your home and can expect to receive crystal clear voice and video services as well as access to some of the fastest Internet speeds in the State of Illinois.  Whether you use the service at home or your business, a fiber connection from HomeTel will enable you to connect multiple devices without sacrificing performance.

What is fiber?

Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) technology allows telecommunications services to be transported over fiber optic cables—the best technology available for Internet, television and voice services. Other providers may have fiber in some parts of their network, but no other provider is bringing fiber to your home.  The average home has five connected devices (businesses have even more), all of which need sufficient bandwidth to connect to the Internet. By 2020, the average household will have 50 devices that connect to the Internet. Fiber has virtually unlimited capacity to bring telephone, Internet, digital television, and other services to your home or business with very high quality, speed, and reliability.

How do I get fiber service?

Fiber-to-the-Home service is available to about 100% of the HomeTel service area. To see if HomeTel Fiber is available at your address, check out our service availability tool.

There are just three simple steps for the FREE upgrade to HomeTel Fiber:

  1. Schedule a HomeTel technician to conduct a site survey at your home.
  2. Once the site survey is complete, we will place an underground fiber cable to your home.
  3. After the fiber cable is installed, your home will be ready for the HomeTel Fiber upgrade.

Is there an additional charge for fiber service?

There is no charge to transfer your existing services to the new fiber network. Faster Internet plans are available for an additional monthly fee.

If you have any questions about HomeTel Fiber, please contact us at or 618-644-2111.